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15th Century: Japanese Samurai vs European Knight, who would win?

15th Century: Japanese Samurai vs European Knight, who would win?

  1. 6glasgowguy9 answered: FUCKIN SAMURAI!
  2. englapukinn answered: the Nordic Viking from the year 970ac would win
  3. bugeisha answered: Japanese Samurai for sure! The European knights were SO slow and clumsy!
  4. strawjazz answered: Japanese Samurai..Duh..
  5. jambo-rosa answered: japanese samurai
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  7. ostlerbabe answered: European Knight, absolutely
  8. lawd-knows answered: samurai duh
  9. nauseasreprieve answered: The Samurai. Samurais would have agility to out fight knights, have stronger, sharper swords and benefit from disciplined, holistic training.
  10. harborwillow answered: Samurai all the way!
  11. downhillfromthecemetery answered: Former.
  12. 324567880987654 answered: samurai easily.
  13. markhor answered: samurai would tko euro knight in 2 seconds
  14. alvaroandtheworld answered: samurai! they warrior spirit
  15. madeoflightning answered: Knight.
  16. wecangetthemforyouwholesale answered: The samurai sword (katana) can not even come close to piercing the knights armor or slicing through the chainmail
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  18. punipardi answered: samurai
  19. mrthespork answered: Knight. Sorry, Samurai, your katana’s not going to make it through that armor.
  20. tobia answered: SAMURAI
  21. originalotaku answered: the night. though the samurai sword was supposedly the strongest thing in the world, the samurai had too many rules for honour.
  22. latemistered answered: Gotta be the samurai. Cooler outfit.
  23. theren answered: samurai
  24. theoriginalhobbit answered: Japanese Samurai.
  25. archbounty answered: Samurai’s blades are smaller but a lot stronger than that of a knights and the fighting style is more of an art
  26. itwonlast answered: Ninja waits. Ninja wins. Ninja laughing, nobody saw him coming.
  27. fkingawesome answered: JP ONRY
  28. punkysdilemma answered: Im gonna way in for the knight for pure contrarian reasons. Samurai’s were too insular. They were beaten by both Korean armies and Mongols
  29. wontyoubemystalker answered: Samurai. no question.
  30. bearseatbeats answered: We can probably say the knight’s claymore would destroy that samurai with one good hit. But the samurai would be quicker than the knight.
  31. perfectlytragic answered: japanese samurai..
  32. veryd0pe answered: samrai def
  33. morabbitonredux answered: Does the knight get his horse? Samurai on the ground. Knight on the horse, esp. if it’s a polish winged hussar.
  34. hamburgerandfries answered: uh… duh. samurai wins every time. english knight dies from dysentery before he even gets to the fight.
  35. hardlickssoftholes answered: assets3.indiemoviesonli…
  36. branespload answered: 288
  37. oldworldwisdom answered: 侍 hands down cause european knights look like tin cans
  38. barabimbadaboom answered: Samurai, definitively.
  39. texture--texture answered: Samurai!
  40. dudeimtrippin answered: 15th Century: Japanese Samurai
  41. filmpigeons answered: Samurai hands down
  42. booksandbrews answered: samurai. more mobile, better weapons, more specialized training. knight stands no chance.