4 years ago
There is only one right answer. So which?

There is only one right answer. So which?

  1. boringshizzle answered: Stones
  2. labeautedelavie answered: I would say: Beatles!
  3. thehardertheyfall answered: the rolling stonnes
  4. moclassics answered: Stones
  5. sbstn answered: stones
  6. yellowed answered: beatles, always and forever
  7. misterandre answered: Ah! The age old question! Stones. Because The Beatles killed Jazz.
  8. butidontevenknowher answered: Simple: Ringo vs Charlie Watts
  9. haemo-goblin answered: BEATLES. no question.
  10. unwords answered: Beatles.
  11. agermanwordforthat answered: Stones as a young man, Beatles when you mature. For women it might be reversed.
  12. lostlostweekend answered: THE BEATLES!!
  13. shaolinchild answered: The Stones baby!
  14. rupturereport answered: stones
  15. somewhereonlyweknow answered: The Beatles!
  16. dunjad answered: the rolling stones!
  17. croose answered: beatles
  18. tobia answered: the rolling stones
  19. liars answered: The Beatles
  20. miketernet answered: Beatles
  21. christabron answered: two of the best cover bands ever!
  22. baileyelizabethpridgen answered: beatles. most def.
  23. saintonge answered: Beatles. Hands Down.
  24. motor--sport answered: Neither
  25. kalebmarshall answered: rolling stonessss
  26. willtung answered: Beatles
  27. thingsofinterest answered: the beatles.
  28. ivebeenleo answered: beatles
  29. panickyintheuk answered: Dylan
  30. courtneycarlson answered: Rolling Stones
  31. trialbysnake answered: early stones may beat some beatles tunes but the beatles remained solid throughout their whole career and the stones did NOT. beatles!!!
  32. vedhead answered: BEATLES
  33. theren answered: STONES!
  34. deannatroi answered: beatles.
  35. breakfastineurope answered: Stones bitches
  36. hblumer answered: beatles
  37. pmrichets answered: The Beatles
  38. joceldust answered: Everyone knows The Beatles are going to win. Not even gonna bother. Haha.
  39. travelersdiagram answered: BEATLES
  40. samvelasquez answered: The Beatles
  41. natlav answered: Beatles!