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The Aitor Throup Archetype #001: Shiva Skull Bag.

The first design archetype from the innovative designers New Object Research brand, the Shiva Skull Bag sees a generic military satchel morph into an anatomically correct human skull, representing the destructive form of the Hindu God, Shiva. This item is 1 of only 100 produced worldwide.

Starting from first principles, Aitor has created a number of new techniques and production processes specifically for this item. The first of these is the unique edge-to-edge construction that creates a flush seam, inside and out, at every join.

Crafted from beautiful worsted wool, traditionally used in suiting, the bag has a soft feel and a wonderful texture. The wool has been strengthened via a unique bonding process, with rubberised cotton attached to the back. This creates a rigid composite, allowing the bag to take its distinct shape.

Functionally, the Shiva Skull Bag operates just like a normal bag. A reverse coil waterproof zip on the top gives access to the main compartment, which fills the majority of the skull. The second, smaller compartment is accessed via the zip on the mouth and can be used to store smaller items. A special mention should be given to the zip garage on the mouth zip. This is a place where the zip can be safely tucked away when open or closed, but it also mirrors the function of a tendon, allowing the mouth to naturally open so you can better access the compartment.

A unique arrangement of leather straps, fastened by D-rings and clips, allows the bag to be worn as a rucksack, shoulder bag, or attached to your belt. There are also two removable D-rings that can be added to the temples of the skull for further strap options.

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