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Headed to Singapore for the holidays…any tips?

Headed to Singapore for the holidays…any tips?

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  2. diaphone answered: use the tram as much as possible and don’t worry about street food vendors they’re required to be clean so eat and be happy
  3. ahpeks-are-cool-too answered: Coffee loyselstoy.com
  4. grownandreckless answered: i dunno but i just watched that anthony bourdain penang episode. looked bomb
  5. laksaman said: Welcome! Be adventurous and try the local food :)
  6. goingnowhere9 said: Wander into the residential neighborhoods, wander into cafes, eateries. Relatively safe. Places I think you’d like: Ang Siang Hill, Jalan Tiong (old residential area converted to yuppie dens), L’Etoile Cafe at 180 Owen Road.
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  8. anabacus answered: visit tiong bahru! check out booksactually there.
  9. design-love answered: Eat chicken rice with some kangkung. Best meal I had in Singapore.
  10. kathija answered: Enjoy it. Wish I was there !!
  11. lisieux answered: head over to the siglap and katong for your coffee shops
  12. dangerkicks answered: arab town for sure
  13. theurbanraconteur answered: take me with you? always wanted to go to Singapore!
  14. calyptratus said: Get on the first plane to France
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  16. thebrainaneurysm answered: eat yourself silly! :) go visit the art science museum
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  18. smngrm answered: Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice stall at the Maxwell Road Food Centre
  19. ayunthefrog answered: botanic gardens if you want to take a nice walk in pretty places. when you’re here go for the food. Shopping isnt great; but food’s good.
  20. chui-fern said: Don’t spend your time in the city. Take some walking shoes. (;
  21. hardcoresoftcore said: Hey man. Food. And that’s it. Contrary to pop belief, SG’s not a shopping paradise. How long you’re gonna be here? Would really like to meet you face to face man. And you can cover eclectic side of sg in like, 2 days probably. Safe journeys, Aidil
  22. wewalkonlava answered: the weather here is really erratic, alternating between really sunny and rain at random. Pack light clothing but pack a pocket brolly
  23. dance-dance-rewalution answered: Spend most of your money and time on Orchard Road!! And…don’t go to Sentosa. :P Oh and have fun! Sigh, I want to go back…
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  25. rustyjerk answered: Visit Gardens by the Bay!
  26. iamnomes answered: Rooftop bars are expensive but worth it.
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