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The Essential Man: The Book and The New Website


In 2009, I launched The Essential Man as an anonymous blog - covering style, work, wealth, dating and all the little things that occupy the waking hours. For many of you readers here, you might remember this pre-Peternyc era.

It was an exercise of self-reflection. It served as a source of inspiration for others. After 2 years, I decided to abandon the project for a general blog. 

Recently, I left my job of five years at Robert Geller to start my own design company. The desire to revive The Essential Man started to creep in. I was in a transition. A complete overhaul of my career, my finances and my relationships. I wanted to write about it. And this is it. 

I’m happy to announce that The Essential Man is coming back with an official website (theessentialman.com!). Bonus, I’m also working on my first book. 

The Essential Man Vol. 1 is part archive, part new work, illustrated and organized. A place where old readers can find their favorite writings and for new readers discover them. 

While I gear up to relaunch the website in a few weeks, I’m giving away 20 signed copies. 

All you have to do to snag a copy is sign up for The Essential Man newsletter. You’ll get notifications of new posts, invitations to future Q&As and events, and exclusive information on new products before I post them on blogs. I promise I won’t share your information with anyone.

This will be a first come first serve basis.

You’ll get a copy of the paperback book signed and for all your Kindle owners, a free digital download. (Estimated release date Jan 2013)

Be sure to follow The Essential Man on Twitter, Facebook and RSS, where I’ll be updating on the status of the launch.

Thanks to everyone who’ve been reading over the years.

The Essential Man was never about creating a black and white image of what it is to be the ideal man. Rather, it’s about exploring and discovering the elements of living well. This is just the start.

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