1 year ago
I would like to see Cloud Atlas. Is it any good?

I would like to see Cloud Atlas. Is it any good?

  1. nicotomo answered: I liked it.
  2. forthepurist answered: I’d like to see it too, even in the face of all the haters pissed about the racial bending going on.
  3. itsahit answered: I think it is brilliant. You should definitely watch it.
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  5. lipsofvenom answered: if youre looking at it from the eyes of a film critic, i dont know. but the overall message i think, takes you someplace beautiful by the end
  6. vitaminbeing answered: really really good. unlike any other movie i have ever seen. a lot of it doesn’t make sense, but the visual stimulation makes up for that :)
  7. inver answered: I found the Asian makeup to be distractingly bad. An interesting experience but so all over the place that I can’t call the whole thing good
  8. thisistheoverture answered: incredibly ambitious story, but I felt a few of the actors weren’t quite up to the task. That being said, worth seeing.
  9. anhoff answered: yes…it is worth the 3 hours for those who like to pay attention
  10. sameantics answered: it’s visually pretty damn cool and at least engaging throughout, but disappoints in the overarching connected-ness of souls theme
  11. superdarkfuntimes answered: If you’re not into it in the first 15 minutes you won’t be, ever.
  12. peternyc answered: A renter imo. Visually nice, amazing how they can weave the stories together. But weird makeup and hard to understand dialogue sometimes
  13. tobia answered: YES!!!!
  14. ssobsonomc answered: its pretty good ya, but you’d prolly enjoy the book waaaays more
  15. paminagrunstein answered: no
  16. pizzastainn answered: no.
  17. i-hummed-the-dies-irae answered: I thought it did a great job of translating some of the stuff like theme and symbolism that the movie doesn’t always get from the book.
  18. attentionlapsed answered: omg the japanese future part, so hawt.
  19. kinghellkiller answered: Yeah dude it was awesome.
  20. monsieuruntitled answered: Racist? I can’t even say I sure do love watermelon without being called racist. It’s a movie with actors. Racist, go watch a disney movie!
  21. fennerr1973 answered: i thought it was pretty good and had only heard amazing things about it before i went. don’t know if that helps at all..
  22. bloopblorp answered: it’s better than skyfall
  23. s1owmagic answered: It’s wonderful!
  24. sleepmoresleep answered: It’s slightly less vague than 2001 space odyssey. All the pieces come together at the end. The parallel detail is lost in transition. 4.5/5
  25. lanekneedler answered: it’s great.
  26. truthmagic answered: a reputable source said it was a “mess of a movie” so idk if you wanna go based on that.
  27. creativelybored answered: Whitewashing, yellowface, blackface, all that. Jim Sturgess is kinda racist. It might be good, but based on what I’ve heard, I’d rather not.
  29. singlemaltscotch answered: Fucking unreal. I loved it.
  30. lou-bot answered: its ok. 2 of the story lines were good. yellow face didn’t bother me, i just think they are aliens. plus the asian actresses play other roles