3 years ago
You should know who this is. Do you?

You should know who this is. Do you?

  1. stjon answered: David Lynch
  2. thenagainmaybeitsme answered: beckett?
  3. noeticfilth answered: David Lynch?
  4. okandroid answered: I thought Hoffman too.
  5. pajaritos answered: lynch?
  6. artemenor answered: Samuel Beckett
  7. janado answered: lynch
  8. publickjournal answered: Beckett
  9. chelseathinks answered: I’m going to go David Lynch or Samuel Beckett
  10. chipotaple answered: Lynch!
  11. ostlerbabe answered: Dustin Hoffman?
  12. fragmentarian answered: Yoko Ono
  13. punkysdilemma said: Beckett?
  14. randbezirk answered: lynch?
  15. winslowisms answered: Yoko Ono or David Bowie
  16. bloodcurdlingsameness answered: Tupac?
  17. saladinho answered: Samuel.
  18. shalomyall answered: Mark McGrath lolololol.
  19. esswhykay answered: Beckett
  20. facelessdivinities answered: beckett? looks like his hair…idk could be lynch
  21. ilovehotdogs answered: Lynch?
  22. graemewa answered: David Lynch?
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