2 years ago
Anyone want to guess what part of the world I screencapped this from?

Anyone want to guess what part of the world I screencapped this from?

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  3. twosidedconfidence answered: Everyone who guessed NYC … shaking. my. head. Clearly none of you has ever been.
  4. dontgivetoget answered: argentina
  5. caxigalines answered: Judging by the straight streets, I’d say nowhere in Europe. USA maybe?
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  7. linnylinh answered: sf?
  8. regretsquad answered: Initial thought was Buenos Aires, but then I doubted myself and thought it could be Santiago. I’m more certain that it’s Buenos Aires though.
  9. kerumica answered: My first thought was Boston. I don’t know why since I’ve never been there. Chicago?
  10. ireverieprod answered: Rio de Janeiro
  11. suhlee said: whoever said that that’s central park in the upper-right definitely does not know what central park looks like
  12. lowermerion answered: buenos aires?
  13. thepsychedelicate answered: nyc?
  14. erichu said: or Buenos Aires, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina
  15. erichu answered: russia
  16. viajake answered: Madrid.
  17. ivebeenleo answered: spain!
  18. karamike2001 answered: lebanon
  19. minusmanhattan answered: Buenos Aires
  20. royhuang said: NYC
  21. blaaargh said: goo.gl/maps/ji…
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  24. neoncrayon answered: Is this in South America? (e.g., Argentina or Peru)
  25. blaaargh answered: Buenos Aires. lol @ central park.
  26. reptar-on-1ce answered: narnia
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  28. vtpags37 answered: New York City? That looks a lot like Central Park in the upper right corner.
  29. sacar-me answered: Any US city could fit…
  30. sexychik35 answered: im gona guess l.a.??
  31. lotsofnoise answered: Looks like NYC to me.
  32. svpvrlvtvve answered: swag city
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