2 years ago
I think we’re right on the cusp of the next generation. I think all the big major photographers came at a time when they all wanted to shoot for print—you couldn’t imagine their photographs not on print. Probably the only one who seems like a younger generation that’s big big is Terry Richardson. You can see he does just as much for his blog [as for print]; he’s one of the few that takes a lot of shots knowing that they’re going to go on the Internet and communicate that way. I think we’re right on the cusp of the new generation saying, “I’ve always thought of my pictures being on the Internet.” I mean, pictures on the Internet are pretty beautiful. It’s like looking at a photograph on a light box. So I do think there’s going to be a next generation. Not only will there be street-style blogs on the Internet, but more editorial sites that are Internet-driven. I’m a little surprised by how many people still want to open up new print magazines. Because you really have to wonder, what is your real reason for doing that? I think we’re just at the cusp of a new group coming up and doing it in a totally different way. Almost like music. I mean, are albums important anymore? I think you can be a huge artist and maybe only do a couple singles; I don’t know if all your songs have to come out in groups of 12. So I think we’re close to seeing a new way of music and fashion and photography. Cite Arrow Scott Schuman on the future (via howtotalktogirlsatparties)
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