2 years ago
I’m launching a Men’s Lifestyle Magazine


I’ve always been a believer that there are two types of people: those that wish and wait for someone to fill their needs and those that fill their needs themselves.

For the past few weeks I’ve been working on the first issue of a men’s lifestyle magazine, simply because I have never found an english language magazine that really spoke to me. And now I’m building a team.

I am looking for:

People who are storytellers. Storytellers in writing. In photography. In video. Editorial/Freelance writers, photographers, illustrators, stylists. Interests in men’s fashion, food, culture, travel are all pluses. Living in NYC is a plus but not necessary.

Someone with excellent communication and organization skills to work directly with me in researching and managing the functions of the magazine. Must live in NYC.

Send your portfolios/linkedins/resumes and emails here(peter@keepsworkshop.com)

Reblog and share this with someone you think fits the bill.

(Editor’s note: I’m signed on to contribute. This is going to be great.)

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    Paging all of our menswear style blogger friends!
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