2 years ago

What a shitshow…roommate throwing a party and sent out invites to half the girls I dated last year…how to undo "i got da aids", "he died"?

  1. bearheads answered: Straight up act like you don’t care you were an asshole. “Oh I thought you had AIDS” = “I lied to get away because you had shit teeth”
  2. youshallnotpass9 answered: leave.
  3. sovereign answered: your life is a movie
  4. zubzubzub answered: grow a moustache and pass yourself off as your brother
  5. millionth answered: say: “why so serious?!”
  6. jamillica answered: "I’m married" ? haha
  7. kidcharlemagne21 answered: Wear a wig and put on a fake mustache, it always works in cartoons. Or hack his account and re-send the invites making it a costume party.
  8. ginandphonics answered: just act like it ain’t no thing.
  9. paradise-for-insomniacs answered: "he died"
  10. mrhalfway answered: Don’t go to the party?
  11. eldritchsun answered: don’t be at the party, pretend you’re your estranged twin brother
  12. suicide-the-horizon answered: porn
  13. misterandre answered: Easy. Miracle drug brought me back to life, and cured da aids.
  14. philipkampp said: hahahahaa awkward
  15. peternyc answered: tell him to blast an email insisting it’s a mask only party
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